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by Canwix Design

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is investment not Expense

Welcome to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content.

Perfect Template Selection

Amazon Provides five pre-build standard Templates for Enhanced Brand content and A+ Content. However, we have a tendency to believe customizing our template for every product to form excellent EBC pictures that are handily visible in varied screen sizes of mobile, tablet and desktop.

Image Creation

Our motto is to make your product attractive and more describable. So once the buyer visit our product, won’t left without adding product to the cart.


When building each Enhanced Brand Content, We pay close attention to how it looks on various screen sizes. We tend to attempt it out on a phone, tablet, and desktop before submitting it to client or Amazon.

Keyword Stuffing

According to Amazon algorithmic program, even the keywords within the pictures area unit fetch by the Amazon’s program. Thus we tend to ethically stuff keywords in Enhanced Brand Content’s Pictures. While uploading images, we stuff keywords up to 100 characters at the back end of the pictures.

Our Process

Here is an overview of how we approach each new Enhanced Brand Content


  • Client Interview
  • Product Study
  • Keyword Research
  • Customize Content Template


  • Create Text Content
  • Downloading Perfect Paid Images
  • Submit To Graphic Designer
  • Create Attractive & Presenting Image


  • Uploading Image with Keywords
  • Client Verification
  • Do Required Changes
  • Submit

Our Recent Work

Examples of our work which represent our Enhanced Brand Content Skills.


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Our Team

We are a group of Amazon specialists with a passion for nice art that serves a sensible purpose.

Contact Us

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